Different Ways to Get Free Credit Report

Your credit report is very important. It contains all the information needed by banks, financial institutions, even employers and landlords that will help them gauge your financial standing. That is why it is important to access your free credit report at least once a year.

There are a couple of ways to get your free credit report. Here are some of them:

– You can check out AnnualCreditReport.com. This site directs you to the three major credit bureaus which allow you to access your free credit reports from them. This is a government-mandated service that they offer so you need not worry about paying them a single cent.
– Another way to get free credit report is when an application for a loan or credit has been denied. The federal law states that if the application has been denied because of information stated on your credit report, you can access it to check if this is actually true. Make sure that you talk to the lender to inquire the credit bureau that issued the report.
– You can also access your free credit report through the services you’ve enrolled in through your credit cards. Call the customer service hotline of your credit card to check whether you have this service that allows you to pull up your free credit report. If you don’t have it, then ask them how you can enroll for this service.

Accessing your free credit report is very important because there might be some details and information there that should not be reported. There are also instances wherein someone else had opened an account under your name and this could definitely affect your credit score. Your score is essential when you’re applying for a loan, a mortgage or even a job so make sure that you check out your free credit report regularly to check for any disputable entries.

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